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More about the panel:

Lisa Trung:

I’m a child psychologist, with a focus on behavioral development and group dynamics. My work has been aimed at studying social dynamics in peer groups, to address some of the root causes of cliques, bullying, and other early childhood issues which can have a large bearing on your child’s future. I’m excited to bring my clinical knowledge and field work to the panel’s discussions.

Tamra McNowlty:

Hi, readers! I’m Tamra McNowlty, or Ms. McKnowlty to the students I work with. I’m an educational consultant and communications guru for a few different school districts around the country. I work with teachers and students to develop strong, constructive communication and positive classroom dynamics that promote group learning and rewarding activities.

June Day:

Hi, readers! I’m a freelance journalist. You’ll see my columns in quite a few parenting and lifestyle periodicals. I’m interested in writing about how modern parenting continues to evolve. I’m also fascinated by today’s kids, who are so mature and astounding to us adults. They seem to grow up faster and faster each year! I’ll be sharing some of my research and interviews with the panel, to explore how things are changing in the world of parenting!

Krista Ketoan:

Howdy! My name’s Krista. I’m a marketing guru and consultant working with companies who are trying to market themselves at the kids and parent markets. I’m excited to bring you lots of news about the latest kids products and trends, and see what the panel makes of it all!

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